The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series. A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush. (PART 2 of 3)

The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 2 of 3)

The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 2 of 3) Miss Photogenic

Welcome back to part 2 of the Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series! If you missed part 1, then you may want to catch up by clicking this link.

This time we are going to look at how to get the best out of the 5 make up brushes listed below.  Whether you are looking to create a glamorous vintage style or a bang on trend make up look with your brushes, you need to know how to get the best out of those beauty tools.
The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 2 of 3)


Foundation Brush Use

Precise application of foundation, highlight, or blush.

Foundation Brush Guide

Foundation brushes are usually flat and less full in form with a gentle taper. These are best for liquid foundation and other liquid products.  It is always a good idea to keep these brushes well washed and if using with multiple liquid  products - after every application. However, take care to remove any water by gently squeezing excess water out into a paper towel. Too much moisture will dilute your makeup, thus ruining the coverage.

To apply makeup using a foundation brush, just guide the brush along your face in even strokes.  Ensure that the makeup is blended in and no harsh lines are left. Start in the middle and work your way out.

Most makeup brushes are multi-use, so don’t be concerned to use your foundation brush to apply highlighter too!



Powder Brush Use

Gentle dusting of loose powder products across your face.

Powder Brush Guide

A powder brush is thick, full-fibered, either synthetic or natural and it has the versatility to take on a number of your beauty brush needs. 

To use a powder brush for powder based foundation, swirl the brush into the powdered product, you are able to do this with both pressed and loose powders.  Swirl in circles or sweeping strokes until you achieve that even coverage.

Pro tip: We find it i easier to ensure a full even application if you start in the middle of your face and work your way out.

Powder brushes are also well-suited for adding extra colour like; blush... when you need a more natural, less pigmented result - e.g. a dusting, not a deeply-hued look.

The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 2 of 3)



Blush Brush Use

Use for the application of blush to get a youthful rosiness.

Blush Brush Guide

A slanted blush brush is surprisingly versatile, well in our eyes anyway. It is similar to a powder brush although a little stubbier. 

Diffuse blush outwards while applying to the apples of your cheeks. We find that smiling while applying can really help get the correct position. Start with light pressure and test out the pigmentation the back of your hand first. It is much easier to build colour than to reduce it once applied.

Really use the angled slanted shape to your advantage.  This makes this brush perfect for contouring jobs and highlighter application when using powdered product.  The angle can be used to sculpt the face really well. 



Diffuser Brush Use

Creating a flawless, airbrushed look.

Diffuser Brush Guide

A diffuser brush has a striking appearance.  The fibres are two distinct lengths. The bulk of the brush is full fibered and tightly packed with longer fibres interspersed. Diffuser brushes are great for layering different levels of makeup. Primer, foundation, and blush can be seamlessly worked together with this beauty tool.

Diffuser brushes can be used with powders, its best use is for liquid cream foundation or cream blush products. We recommend putting cream blush or foundation on the back of your hand and dip the brush into product and diffuse on the face. 

Use small motions to push the brush down onto your face. Press down with the longer bristles and make soft swirling motions.



Mineral Brush Use

Use with all mineral powder products.  Great for buffing.

Mineral Brush Guide

The mineral brush is again ideal for buffing in powder foundation or even working in shadow to the depths of your cheek bones. You could use this brush with a “Stippling” action to create a fuller coverage with your powder foundation. It is important to use a buffing circular action to really blend the mineral based powders not the face. Start for the centre and buff outwards. 



Beauty Blender Use

Applying wet and dry foundation, blush, highlighter and concealer.

Beauty Blender Guide

The Beauty Blender are a great way to apply a multitude of products. You can use it as a primer applicator also. You can even use this little tool to apply sunscreen or topical creams. Beauty-lovers use it to apply foundation and blend blush, bronzer, and highlighter.

To use with liquid foundation, run the sponge under the sink with cool or warm water and then press the sponge to remove extra water. Water helps keep the sponge from absorbing any of the makeup.  Apply product to your face using soft dabbing motions. Less is more when using a Beauty Blender. For smaller areas, use the tip of the Beauty Blender for detail work like applying highlighter to your cupid’s bow or shimmer to brow bones.

Top Tip: Use the Beauty Blender’s side and roll it across your entire face to blend in all areas of your face.



In part three we look in depth at these first brushes and tools:







We will give you all the best Miss Photogenic® Tips & Tricks on how to get the best of them for your Make Up Routine!

Miss Photogenic make up brush. Cosmetic Brushes. The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 2 of 3) 

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