The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series. A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush. (PART 1 of 3)

The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 1 of 3) Miss Photogenic.

The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 1 of 3)

The Intro 

Right...Let's be totally honest!  Nothing raises excitement quite like the thrill of using some brand new Make Up Brushes (Shop Miss Photogenic).  Pristine, soft and all clean ready to create our preferred look. Excuse the swooning but these tools are really invaluable to your make up bag. While you may or may not share our same enthusiasm for beauty tools right now, rest assured, we are hoping to convert you by the end of this series!  Sometimes, it is the unknown that makes us feel apprehensive, trying a new brush that isn't familiar or a new tool that we don't quite know how to use!  Here at Miss Photogenic®, we are going to take you through our 3 PART series over the next few weeks, so you are able to feel confident about your beauty tools.  With most of us spending time conquering with people on screen, getting the most flattering and photogenic look out of your make up brushes is going to come in useful!  Read our tips on


The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 1 of 3)

Welcome to Part 1 of 3 of the Miss Photogenic® definitive guide to Make up Brushes & Cosmetic Tools.

This week we are going to take an introductory look at Make Up Brushes, how to store them properly and keep them clean. It’s important to know which brush you should be using for every make up product, so we will be looking at that our the series.

Do Face Makeup Brushes Really Make a Difference? 

Using the correct makeup brush for nearly every step of your makeup routine can make a huge difference to the overall appearance and finish of your makeup look. The correct type of brush, whether it’s a slanted blush brush or a contour blending brush, can alter how your makeup applies.  Another point to note before selecting your brush is whether it’s natural or synthetic? Natural makeup brushes are often made of animal hair and are known for their blending and pick-up properties. Synthetic makeup brushes are made of man-made material like nylon and are great for precise and streak-free application. 

How to Store Your Makeup Brushes?

First rule, don't just chuck your makeup brushes loosely into your makeup bag. Although this is very tempting and easy when in a rush, it can can damage the brushes and spread germs. The top of the brushes can get crushed which will effect performance and this is nothing to say of the germs that live deep in the depths of your bag.  We don't want these to rub off onto anything in close proximity. Instead, we recommend staying organised and clean using these guidelines. The simple suggestions will make your brush display accessible, pretty and most importantly, safe. 

How to Wash and Dry Your Makeup Brushes 

We suggest using a very gentle shampoo, maybe a baby variety to wash the brushes.  Avoid harsh chemicals that can loosen the glue holding the bristles in place - remember these brushes are used on your face! Softly rub the lathered up brushes in the palm of your hand and then rinse thoroughly until the water  runs clear. Lay the brushes flat on a paper towel to dry overnight. Touch test before use, as larger brushes can take longer to fully dry.

How Often to Wash Your Makeup Brushes?

There is room for debate on this subject - at the very least, you should wash them once a month. Once a week at the very most - depends on the level of use.       Re-using dirt-ridden brushes can cause breakouts amongst other things - it will not help the clarity of your complexion either.  Another point to consider is the buildup of colour on your brushes means that the shade you intend to apply to your face may not be what you actually get! Cleaning them regularly means a clean face and the correct colours.

When to Buy Replacement Makeup Brushes?

It is impossible to generalise about a brush's expiary date. View them as individuals as they will need to be replaced at different times. Some of the bristles are more delicate than others and therefore will flatten down sooner. It is easy to become attached to a makeup brush you've had for years but if it smells, sheds, separates or is flat, bin it immediately!


In part two we look in depth at these first brushes and tools:

Foundation Brush 

Powder Brush 

Slanted Blush Brush

Contour Brush 

Mineral Brush

Beauty Blender

We will give you all the best Miss Photogenic® Tips & Tricks on how to get the best of them for your Make Up Routine!
Miss Photogenic Make Up Brushes. The Miss Photogenic® 'How To' Make Up Brush Series.  A Definitive Guide To Every Make Up Brush.  (PART 1 of 3)

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