The Best Festive Books To Read This Christmas

The Best Books To Read This Christmas

There is nothing like a heart-warming romantic novel to captivate the soul...or maybe a descant glamorous mystery?  You may love a bit of a thrill or settling down to the latest CELEB autobiography?  Whatever your preference, we've got you covered with our top picks for a Christmas 2020 read.  


1. This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

An extraordinary love story - lives that begin together and that are words apart. Is fate trying to bring these two together? Same time, same place, thirty years apart. 

This time next year by sophie cousens

2. Women Don't Owe You Pretty by Florence Given

Exploring progressive corners of feminist conversation - If you want to protect your own energy and discover you are actually the love of your own life...then this is the read for you!

3. Speak Your Truth by Fearne Cotton

 Brave, vulnerable and deeply personal - this book shares Fearne's compelling story in the hope of helping you shape your own.  An inspirational holiday read.
speak your truth by fearne cotton

4. Christmas Secrets at Villa Limoncello by Daisy James

Escape to the Italian Villa Limoncello where all your dreams come true in mysterious ways.  A decadent page turner to take you from Cornwall to Tuscany. 
Christmas Secrets at Villa Lemoncello by daisy james


5. Christmas at Claridge's By Karen Swan 

A glamorous and contemporary romance Novel. Clem is back in London and working on a commission for one of London's grandest hotels - but is this really where her heart lies? From Portobello to Portofino, glamour and romance is in abundance. 
A Christmas At Claridge's By Karen Swan

6. A Christmas to Remember By Anton Du Bec

Another stunning romantic novel from the King of the Ballroom, this book is set in 1938 London where the threat of war looms large over the Buckingham hotel. Will the hotel manage to keep its glamorous reputation? Life is about to get harder for Nancy Nettleton and the man she loves.

A Christmas To Remember By Anton Du Bec


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