How To Celebrate Christmas Long Distance

How To Celebrate Christmas Long Distance
How to celebrate christmas long distance
Being parted from friends and family is not easy, especially at Christmas. The holiday's this year is a very different time for the whole world due to COVID restrictions. Just because the festive season is going to be different, it doesn't mean that it can't be fun and with a little help from can see your loved ones.  So...don't despair...wherever you are and whether your loved ones are abroad, high risk people or the elderly, here are some tips on how to make Christmas the best it can be.
How to celebrate christmas long distance

Tips To Celebrate Christmas Long Distance 

1. Take part on a Zoom or House party call

2. Open your gifts on video call.

3. Setup Video calling at each Dinner table and have a virtual meal between houses 

4. Call your family and Friends more than once over the Christmas.

6. Talk about plans for 2021 - arrange a holiday together for the Summer.

Don't forget that long distance takes on a very different meaning this year.  It doesn't matter if your loved ones are abroad or around the corner, many people will be apart in person this year for Christmas. This doesn't; mean that you are apart in your hearts and there are ways to make the best of a lock down Christmas. 

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