14 Acts of Kindness to Give in 2021

14 Acts Of Kindness To Give In 2021
14 Acts of Kindness to Give in 2021

In The Words of Celeste...'GIVE A LITTLE LOVE'

It's no secret that this year will be going down in history as a global travesty due to the COVID pandemic and since Christmas is the season for goodwill...we don't think it would hurt to give a little more love than usual to carry
through into 2021.
14 Acts of Kindness to Give in 2021

1. Tell loved ones that you love and appreciate them

It doesn't hurt to remind our loved ones what they mean to us.  We assume that they automatically know - which they may do...but it could make someone's day to remind them. He are a few ways of letting them know:

"Thank you for always being there"

"I love our time together"

"I don't know what I would do without you"


2. Check up on some old friends 

 Take some time to reconnect with an old friend - let them know they are in your thoughts.  There is nothing like reaching out to make someone feel special - this could really brighten their day. 

donate clothes to charity 14 act of kindness to give in 2021 

3. Donate old clothes to a Charity

Have you ever heard of the saying "someone else's rubbish is another man's treasure" ?  Do not throw your old clothes away when you have that NEW YEAR turn out - they may put a smile on someone's face who couldn't afford to buy them from new.  We are loving in hard times and pulling together is what is really important - it also good for suitability too!


4. Take 15 Minutes to listen to someone 

Give someone the benefit of your full attention - sometimes life is so stressful and busy that people get overlooked.  Challenge yourself to take the time to listen to one person each week...this may really improve their life and you will be surprised how it can improve yours too. 


5. Offer for a friend or family member to share your online food delivery slot if they haven't been able to secure one

We all know that online delivery slots for food shopping are like gold dust this year...due to the pandemic, the avoidance of the supermarket has become an art form.  If you are lucky enough to have one or more then one and you know a friend or person need doesn't...offer to share.  We must all help each other through these times. 

6. Help or sponsor a needy animal.

Animals matter too! If you can, why not do something for the fury friends on this planet - after all, the bring us such joy in their own way.  A charitable act or sponsoring wildlife can really help these charities throughout these challenging times. 

7. Donate food to a local food bank

Think of others less fortunate - donating food to a local food bank can mean that another family will get a meal.  With money being tight for a lot throughout the pandemic, this can be a great way of helping your community. 

how to make someone laugh 14 act of kindness to give in 2021

8. Make someone laugh

You know what they say...laughter nourishes the soul.  Try and make someone smile - this can really improve wellbeing and mental health. 

9. Help an old person in some way

Whether it be running an errand, being a voice on the end of the phone or simply giving your time, everyone will be old one day and it is important to give back when you can.

Ocean Plastic 14 acts of kindness to give in 2021

10. Cut your use of plastic and show the earth some love

 Plastic is a growing issue for the world, affecting our oceans and all important sea life.  Let's be more thoughtful in 2021 and think about our plastic usage - if there is a more friendy option...why not opt for that. 

11.Be kind to front line and retail workers

These are very difficult times, workers are at the forefront of abuse and the public's frustrations.  Give people some thought and remember they are just doing their job.  Try and give some support and kindness. 

12. Give Someone a Compliment 

Everyone likes a compliment...let's be honest!  Why not give someone some 'feel good' vibes out.  This little gesture can make someone's day - give it a go!

13. Take 10 minutes to do something for yourself 

Don't forget yourself it is important to take time out for yourself.  This is good for stress and mental health wellbeing.  Maybe it is just doing your beauty regime or time to just relax, whatever it is...it will make a difference.  

14. Give A gift that doesn't cost a thing!

Things that are made with love are cherished by the receiver.  Giving someone a thoughtful gift, like picking some flowers or using your hobby skills to create a bespoke piece will put a smile on someone's face.   Check out our post for Christmas Gift Ideas that don't cost anything for some inspiration!


14 Acts of Kindness to Give in 2021

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