Are You Starting Uni?! Some Top Tips Right Here...

Are You Starting Uni?! Some Top Tips Right Here...
Think #Freshers...Think Social Events!!


  1. You have social events in abundance!! There will be lots of fun things to get involved in – whether it’s nights out, social clubs and societies or just meeting new friends and hanging out. Get involved and get to know the people you live with - a chance to make solid friends from the start. 
  2. You’ll probably spend too much money in the first couple of weeks at freshers! Once you have settled in, you need to set some good spending habits. Get all your main expenses out of the way... such as food, books, rent, clothes etc and then work out what else you have left to party with! 
  3. People will tell you uni is the best time of your life and this can be quite true. However, moving away from home and your family can be really daunting. A new environment with new people and rules can really take a time to adjust to. Give yourself a few weeks to settle, but if you’re still not feeling right, make sure you check out your uni’s wellbeing centre. It is important to look after yourself so you can perform as well as possible on your degree course and enjoy your time there. 

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