5 Ways To Style The Crop Tee

5 Ways To Style The Crop Tee

5 Ways To Style The Crop Tee. Miss Photogenic Crop Tee

 The Crop Tee is such a universal bang on trend look that we wanted to give you some super hot ways of styling it into your wardrobe. 

TOP 5 Styling Tips

1. The Longline Jacket

Styling a cropped tee with a longline jacket can make for a really effortless but bang trend look. By wearing something longer over the top it covers your back which is helpful for colder temperatures.

2. When Cropped Meets The High Waist

High waist jeans, trousers and pencil skirt are a great to pair with your cropped tee. This style is great for curvy body shapes and accentuate and pull in your waistline for a flattering styled look.

3. Opt For Patterns and Logo Interest Patterns

Logos and slogans interest are known to give a flattering effect to the body, especially with fitted item of clothing. It also help to engage the eye so that body shape becomes secondary.

4. Go for a Sleeved Look and a Higher Neckline

Opting for this style of cropped t-shirt is a great way to introduce yourself to this style and are conscious about showing more skin than normal. By having the higher neckline and a sleeve it balance the skin on show from the cropped waist.

5. Layer Up

Another good way to wear a crop top is to layer it over an additional top or shirt. This especially works wells for off the shoulders crop top styles.

5 Ways To Style The Crop Tee. Miss Photogenic


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