How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!

How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!

How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!

It's Time Zoom, Kill Those Virtual Dating Anxieties and Rock Some Photogenic Looks On Screen!

 Normal dating is stressful enough but it has taken an even bigger swerve down the stressful path since COVID and the global pandemic.  We have all been thrown into a new normal where unfortunately an inability to meet in person is the non-glamorous result. If you want to keep your hand in that all important dating scene, then reaching for Zoom to have a romantic date night is a step you have to take.   So let's swipe that screen clean, get on your sexy little number and lets make dating a new virtual fun!


Since everyone has nowhere to go right now, paying attention to what’s in the background of your call can really set the mood of a digital Zoom date.  It is also a good conversation starter - when staging your background, try to incorporate something that may spark conversation, like art, a feature in your house, flowers or a plant. You don't have to go overboard, but be mindful that your space adds dimension to their impression of you. Think about the vibe you want to give off and use things around your home to create that feel. 


How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date! 

 Looking your best and most preened is always important on those first dates.  Now you have to make sure you are impressing on screen too...just to add to the pressure! Don't have diva panic...treat the virtual dating scene just as you would any other date. Would you spend hours on your make up, style hair and dress for the occasion normally?! Well, do exactly the same for a Zoom Virtual Date.  Check out your video quality before the date starts. Also check your lighting and background to see it all looks as you were envsioning.  Ambient lighting in the room works really well to soften features.  You can also use a ring light in front of you for that insta photogenic feel...if you have some techy kit available.  One Tip...don't wear headphones - this is not an attractive look for a date!
If you talk with your hands, make sure your nails look fabulous and wear some long earrings to give movement - this can bring more life to your persona. 
If you want some professional lighting tips, why not read our post on


How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!


We all know that first dates can have those awkward silent moments at the best of times but with the new way of doing things, you can't even be in the same room so, you are definitely going to feel those moments with more strength.  Don't stress, we have some suggestions to ease these issues.  Having a glass of something bubbly in your hand or on the side can help - use it as a filler to any silence while you think of another line. It also has the benefit of calming your nerves and adding a touch of glamour! Pick an elegant glass for that extra image boost!  Playing some background music can also be a great way of setting a romantic ambience. It could also be a talking choose wisely - obviously don't pick rock - pick something that compliments the occasion and your date.  Set the scene.

How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!

TOP Zoom Dating Tips:

The Camera Goes Both Ways

It's easy to forget that the person you are talking to can see you also! Think about your posture and remember not to partake in any embarrassing habits! Hold your head up and maintain eye contact if you can. 

Smile A LOT!

Don't take things too lot! Even if you are nervous, just be yourself and let your personality show.  The odd cheeky wink can't hurt either...have fun!

Set Boundaries

Especially on the first few dates... a start time and end time, just until you get to know your date well. Some platforms have a 'capture an image' function, so keep this in mind.

Acknowledge any Awkwardness.  

Both parties are going to be slightly apprehensive, the best way to ease anxiety is to acknowledge the issue. Confront it head on and don't be shy - your date will feel the same and be relieved you have taken this step.

Clean Your Place!

Really...this is sooo important! Nobody wants to see your dirty laundry or last nights drink on the side. Plus...untidy and disorganised is not a good look. You get the picture! You might end up changing positions, so don't just tidy in the frame. Make the will pay off.

Lighting Matters

It really does. Peach artificial light tones are always very flattering for that nigh time zoom call. Having a second light source facing you will allow you to look even more radiant - giving off a very flattering photogenic image. 

Have a Definitive End Time 

As mentioned, this can give structure and gives you an excuse to leave if you haven't clicked with your date!

Have Realistic Expectations

Zoom dating can be great but it is different...give it time, don't just dismiss someone because they may be camera shy.  These are unusual times we are living in and we all need a little understanding. 
'Treat a digital date the same way you would treat any other date'

How To Prepare For A Digital Zoom Date!

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