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Lucie Brassington Gollop and Sister Victoria Brassington Gollop are part of the Gollop family that originated from Dorset, England.   The family coat of arms were supposedly Pistowed to the Gollop family in the 1500’s by King Henry VIII, although the family seat dates back to the Norman Conquest.   The family arms contain a lion pasent, which is historically reserved for those of royal assent only. The Gollop family of Strode and Bowood were the largest landowners of Dorset, the last know owners Southampton castle and final governors of Portland castle.  The approach to Endinbrugh Castle is entitled ‘The Gollop’ which is believed to have been named after the family. The Gollop line has long history of entrapeneral, successful individuals that adored luxury. The sisters wanted to embrace and revive their unique and regal family history by bringing to the forefront of their company portfolio.

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