Lucie Brassington Gollop

Founder, Director & Brand Owner

Miss Photogenic® was created by young British Entrepreneur, Lucie Brassington® Gollop in 2010 at the age of 22. Passionate about bringing back the glamorous vintage style of a bygone era, Miss Photogenic was born. Having a love for the arts, Lucie trained as a designer at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea London. Taking her love for all things glamorous coupled with her experience and inspiration from some of the fashion capitals of the world, Lucie decided to create a premium brand that would encompass all these aspects... making women feel gorgeous and feminine. Taking large inspiration from her love of the Deco era coupled with today's contemporary style, Miss Photogenic was founded. Bringing back glamorous styles is at the heart of Miss Photogenic. Lucie has since studied Law and is now highly experienced in the area of branding, brand creation and Intellectual Property Law. The aim has always been to bring back the glamorous style of an era that once was and aline it with today’s contemporary fashion trends . Being a young business women that loves anything luxurious and chic, Lucie always aspires to bring a little glam to the boardroom. This love of bringing back glamour is apparent in all the brand's collections and throughout the image of Miss Photogenic®, which she and her sister create as a team.

“I created Miss Photogenic® to be an International brand that encompasses all the qualities that every woman deserves to experience; glamour, elegance, luxury, and style. I now have the wonderful privilege of leading the brand forward with my much loved sister and together we are a truly formidable team” 

Lucie is the youngest female entrepreneur to have founded and built a multi divisional brand on an International scale that is privately owned.

'A Beautiful Brand Powered By Sisters'

Victoria Brassington Gollop


Victoria officially joined Miss Photogenic at executive level when she turned 21 in 2013, although, she has had involvement with the brand from the outset. Having studied Business Management and Economics, Victoria runs in the financial area of the brand and also she takes the design studio forward through the 'finished design to product' process.  Her design skills are responsible for the creation of the brand's iconic and now classic lingerie piece, Truly Miss Photogenic.  The powerful love for glamour, luxury and elegance is as strong in Victoria's character as that of her sister. Victoria's love of fashion and beauty also comes through in any of her work for the brand.

The sisters are uniquely the youngest sibling entrepreneurial duo to run an International brand of this size and scale that is privately owned.

Visit the Sisters website for more information, social media links and press/media enquires: 

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